Safety Level 3 Laboratory at the Western Region Veterinary Services Department is scheduled to commence testing of COVID 19 samples from Monday, May 4.


The laboratory will start with the testing of 300 samples a day before they ramp up to over 500.

“…this testing facility has biosafety level 3 and biosafety level 2 labs which are required by WHO for testing. As we speak, we are ready to start testing today [May 4, 2020]. The staff have been trained already. All the logistics have been provided by Noguchi. Currently, we are going to start testing 300 samples a day. And as time goes on, we will increase the number,” the Head of Laboratory Western Region Veterinary Services Department, Dr. Theophilus Odoom, said.

According to him, a total of 11 people are ready to commence testing and will run a shift system to enable them work efficiently.

“All the samples will come from the Public Health Lab in the region. We have 11 people ready for the work. We will try and run shift. We have a team for sorting, for pooling, for running and also for management of data which is also important.”

He added: “The nation and the regional health directorate are working assiduously to ensure there is always the necessary PPEs for our work. For example, the regional director said they will use their medical store to support us. So, we are confident we will not break when we start work. The regional coordinating council led by the regional minister has also been very instrumental in getting this place resourced.”


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