Despite the outbreak of coronavirus, the nation is currently mourning the death of its own proud son,Bishop Bernard Nyarko who suddenly joined the heavenly choir after battling colon cancer for over a year according to report.

After his death,a lot of speculations started popping up. Others alleged that his mother caused his death whiles other says colon cancer killed him as reported above.

Meanwhile,a friend who was present at the preacher’s death gave a vivid account on really panned out.

According to him,Bishop had already died before his body arrived at Ridge Hospital where his death was made known publicly.

One of his(deceased) brother,who was heartbroken and short of words kept saying,

Bra Bernard abr3 oo(Brother Bernard have suffered)
Kwame Abr3 oo(Kwame suffered

the friend adds.

Below is the video of the narration from the eye witnesse( Bishop’s friend).


  1. Please Ghanaians, be well known that Bishop Bernard Nyarko is killed by the mother and his cousin. He revealed it to me in my dream yesterday around 1:52am there about.
    Bishop Bernard Nyarko told me everything I’m the dream, but the good news is that he has been taken into heaven.
    I am ready to give more information about the dream if am contacted.


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