His Excellency the president has once again extended the country’s border by one month.

He stated that the extension is to aid the country to put the pandemic into control.

In effect, the closure of all the country’s borders – land, air and sea – will be extended effective May 4. The closures will, however, not apply to goods.

Addressing workers at a virtual May Day celebration on the national broadcaster GBC, he said the extension is in order is to ensure that there is no risk of importation of coronavirus cases into the country.

On March 22, the President in his third address to the nation on measures government is taking to tackle the pandemic, announced the closure of the country’s borders.

“All that government is doing is intended to achieve five key objectives: limit and stop the importation of the virus, contain its spread, provide adequate care for the sick, limit the impact of the virus on social and economic life, and inspire the expansion of our domestic capabilities and deepen our self-reliance,” he said.


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