A while ago,Funny Face,who’s not in good talking terms with popular Kumawood actor,Lilwin,threatened to revealed Lilwin’s dirty motive behind his school.

Well,a latest report reaching massiveupdates.com indicates that,finally,the evil doings of Lilwin has been exposed.

According to the report,Lilwin,who needs blood of kids for his occultism sacrifices developed the idea of setting up his school to aid him achieve his goals as a spiritualist.

In the report,it is unveiled that about quarter of the school’s population would have been dead by now,had it not being the closure of schools due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Explaining deeper,our reporter said, according to the report he received,the spirits lilwin uses to operate his school are very much angry since they do not get blood to feed themselves.


  1. Lil Wayne, forget everybody because if you are able to do what someone is not capable of doing, it turns to HATRED… I support you in everything you do… CONGRATULATIONS.


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