Ghana is owing my father $120 million – President Akufo-Addo


The president of Ghana, Nana Addo Darkwa Akufo-Addo has said that the Ghanaian government is indebted with a whopping amount of $120 million being money borrowed from his dad.

According to the Commander In-chief of the Ghana Armed Forces, Ghana is yet to refund the money to his family after past presidents refused to pay for the money loaned to the colonial government headed by Sir Gerald Creasy.

“At this point, I would like to state on record that our great nation is failing to progress because it owes some individuals millions of dollars and that has become a curse on Ghanaians.

And until we pay those people we will remain a sh!t hole country just like the US President Donald J. Trump described us.

As you all know my father Mr. Edward Akufo-Addo loaned us $120 million during the World War II, I have asked Ofori Atta to start paying the money else I will send him to Anota,” said the President in his address at the 62 Independence Day anniversary parade in the Northern Regional capital, Tamale on Wednesday.

Explaining why the Sir Gerald Creasy led administration borrowed from his dad who became Ghana’s ceremonial president in 1960, he stated emphatically

“His money was used to buy, gari, nkatae, panin di panin [water], the military used for soaking while at the World War II.

His money was also used to pay for prostitutes whenever the officers sleeps with them.

Not forgetting the alewa red and white our security personnel enjoyed,” he said

The first gentleman of the land disclosed that he forgot about it but his dad ghost remembered him.

“I nearly forgot about it but thank God for my dad’s ghost he visited me last night and advised I used the money to relocate to China and put Ghana on auction and I promise to do just that” the president disclosed


  1. What a nonsense ,if money which is spent on soldiers during the second world war for what to eat should it be the debt of our exploited land or are we the course of these GODDAIM GREEDY EUROPEAN WAR.Total nonsense why some people can’t use their heads or is it because we are all dumb and blind,may God come quickly to our rescue.

  2. Shine your eyes, guys. Do you have to believe everything? This is a blatant lie should be treated as rubbish meant to denigrate the of the president.
    The should be hung on a big stone and thrown into the deep sea.
    You people always seek to destroy people so that you can get your daily bread. Nimeses Wii soon catch up with you.

  3. Akuffo Addo is not serious. At a time when he should be coming up with a well thought out plan of how his govt is going to rescue Ghana out of its current predicament of chronic indebtedness largely the result of his own govt’s mishandling of the economy, he is attempting to divert the attention of the nation from its failings to a matter that should be of no concern to modern Ghana. Any responsibility for such a pre-independence colonial funding should be the responsibility of the British exchequer past and present. It has nothing to do with present day Ghana.
    It was not our war. We were dragged into it unwillingly because as subjects we had no choice. But to subject that we owe such an amount to his dad because he was stupid enough to support that war effort with all that money is unbelievable.
    By the way the President’s pronouncement is a fabrication. He will need to prove that his father was worth that much in life, let alone loan that amount of money (interest charges included). In my 82 yrs of extended on this earth I have never come across such a blatant fabrication geared to raising the status of his dad to an equivalent modern day millionaire so rich as to loan a foreign power such an amount that even govts world wide would have shyed away from even at the most competitive or better srill unbeatable rate ever offered.
    Let me be clear. Ghana owes the British colonial govt or its successors not a penny. It was their war and should not have gone into without the relevant financial backing.
    Beware of the sayings of Pres Akuffo Addo, lest u will forever be disgusted We know him now as he is yet to deliver on any of his major promises and with time running out, such utterances on such an auspicious occasion deserving of all the truth and nothing but the whole truth should be degraded with a criminal fabrication of this type coming from such a clueless leader. I do not believe there is any truth in his submission; neither are u.

  4. Former president JDM, I cross my heart for you. It’s clear that President Akufo Addo has come for a really serious business. He never came to serve. This revelation came during campaign 2016, but Ghanaian populates chose him as president. Now that I see why the scandals are too many but borders not. How can such an old man be that wicked? Ghana owe your father but your father don’t owe Ghana? Why didn’t you say that in the 2016 campaign. The president go and come again. You said you are a Christian. How come you consult the dead? Ghanaians shine your eyes. Stealing is the order of the day.


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