Earlier this week, we reported the allegation leveled against Rev. Obofuor for sacrificing the Kumawood actors’ mother for a car as alleged by Ps. Micheal Adu, also known as Demon Breaker.

As part of the SEAT program on NET2 television, which for the past one month geared towards exposing of fake prophets, Demon Breaker who was once a fake prophet and has worked with Bishop Daniel Obinim has been making some secret revelations.

Demon Breaker made à serious allégation against Rev. Obofuor this week by saying, the gifted car to Wayoosi was a sacrifice in return of his mother.

In response to this, a video sighted by Thedistin.com captured the actor rubbishing the allegations and labeled it as lies and erroneous.

He states categorically that, her mother’s death was a result of sickness she suffered for 3 years and she finally kicked the bucket at age 73. He also said the death of her mum has nothing to do with the man of God as the car was given to him a year after her mum’s burial so he doesn’t see how logical and the rationale these allegations can exist.

In the video, Wayoosi said, as at the time her mother died, he didn’t have any contact with Rev.Obofuor and it was even through Big Akwesi he came into contact with him which was a year after.

He there pleads with the general public to dump those allegations leveled against him.

Source: Thedistin.com


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